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Chinese Medicine & Our Practice Philosophy

Chinese Medicine is a very ancient practice developed over many centuries by the Chinese.  It includes the use of Acupuncture; Moxibustion; Guasha; Reflexology; Herbal Medicine; Cupping; Dietary Therapy; massage techniques including Tui Na, and meditative breathing techniques including Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  Scalp, Auricular & Electroacupuncture are other techniques used in our clinic.




Kohu Acupuncture's philosophy incorporates the idea that time is one of the most precious things a practitioner can give a client.  


Initial consultations (including treatment) require up to 1.5 hours which includes a thorough history, dialogue, assessment and treatment.Prior to your initial appointment  I will e mail out information and history forms for you to complete.  This process keeps time taken completing forms to a minimum, reducing fees, keeping treatment costs to a more affordable level for clients. 


 New clients contact Rose directly allowing for any questions to be answered by a qualified practitioner and advice given on treatments.  We also firmly believe in the idea that knowledge is power and healthcare practice should be based on the philosophical basis of Te Tiriti O Waitangi - Partnership. Client and Practitoner need to work together to achieve the best possible result.  In accordance with ancient Chinese Medicine principles, the Mind  Body connection is considered and reflected upon in assessment and during the treatment process.  We consider the person as a whole,  which may reflect impact of the immediate environment and the experiences & relationships we each have . 


Education is integrated throughout the treatment process.  I encourage clients to learn acupressure skills which can be used during everyday life, pregnancy, labour and in the post birth period.  Lifestyle adjustments, nutritional considerations and self care need to be done by clients.  Resources such as Hypnobirthing book and CD are available on loan to Kohu Acupuncture clients at no additional charge, as are moxa sticks & instructions.  Obstetric TENs machine is available for hire at a minimal charge to Kohu Acupuncture clients also.  We have a range of relaxation, mind body, pregnancy and parenting resources available to clients.  The use of Moxibustion by patients at home between treatments may also be prescribed.  Rose will demonstrate safe use of the moxa, provide literature and the moxa required.  The use of moxa at home between clinic treatments is a common and cost effective practice, with numerous benefits. 


Clients are encouraged to relax during treatments.  Ideally, appointments are scheduled to allow clients to rest following a treatment in order to maximise the benefits.  Calm, relaxing music is available during acupuncture treatments.  Many clients  feel the benefits of treatment are greater when they relax without children present.   

 If herbal treatment is necessary, Rose will refer you to a qualified TCM or Western Herbalist, for prescription and dispensing of appropriate herbs.  A co-ordinated treatment plan will be made.  If you have any documentation or test results from your Medical Doctor, or other Health Practitioners, please bring copies of these with you to your initial consultation.











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